Posted by: Catherine | February 13, 2008


By Mary O’Neill

The colours live

Between black and white

In a land that we

Know best by sight.

But knowing best

Isn’t everything

For colours dance

And colours sing

And colours laugh

And colours cry

Turn off the light

And colours die,

And they make you feel

Every feeling there is

From the grumpiest grump

To the fizziest fizz.

And you and you and I

Know well

Each has a taste

And each has a smell

And each has a wonderful

Story to tell.



  1. Thanks Mary..!!

    I am searching for poem on colors…and got exited about your colorful poem which makes me to say colorful Morning World With you poem..!!

    Madhusudhan Surya..!!

  2. I love this poem but I was wondering what the name of it is.
    Thanks Izzy

  3. OMG!!!
    I love this poem!!!

  4. hi mary i m very thankful for urs lovely poem on colours .

  5. thank you very much this will help my boyfriend in his project , cant wait to be kissed by him when he reads this , thankyou mary YOU ARE SEXY

  6. My goodness – I read this poem to my third grade class in 1983 – I still have the last part memorized!

  7. this is a very good poem i sujjest to have a use in my h.h.w

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